Local High School Students Learn about Pluris’ Advanced Membrane Bio-Reactor Wastewater Treatment in Field Trip

May 2017

Approximately 100 High School students in North Carolina visited one of Pluris’s advanced membrane bio-reactor (“MBR”) wastewater treatment facilities in May to learn first-hand how Pluris’ MBR facilities treat toilet water and protect the environment.

Pluris’ Regional Manager, Randy Hoffer led the students through all of the treatment processes, beginning with where wastewater enters the facility to where the clean water is returned to the environment. Students commented on how they had no idea on how waste is treated and were surprised by the level of treatment. A number of students were surprised to learn that the water in the freshwater aquarium at the facility is treated wastewater.

Several biology and science teachers were along for the field trip and commented about the value of educating students on the advanced technology Pluris utilizes to further protect the environment.

JD Jorgensen, who teaches science classes at Dixon High School commented, “Visiting the plant is a priceless experience for my students. Any chance that they have to see something that is so integral to their daily lives….. really shakes up their worldview.” Mr. Jorgensen further commented, “My students and I can't thank the Pluris staff at the plant enough. They were welcoming, patient and worked hard to cover information about the plant in a way that not only made sense to my students but helped them see the application to their own lives.”

Pluris reaches out to elementary, middle and high schools encouraging field trips as part of its desire to help kids understand what can be achieved in meeting a domestic need while protecting the environment. As part of its educational philosophy for student advancement, Pluris provides two annual $1,000 scholarships to local high school seniors heading off to college who plan on majoring in environmental science and engineering related fields.

Schools desiring to visit the water treatment plant facility are encouraged to contact Mr. Randy Hoffer and he can be reached via email at rhoffer@plurisusa.com or by telephone at (910) 327-0349.