What is my account balance?

You can access your account balance by reviewing your monthly billing statement or accessing our online web portal. You can login and create an online profile and from then on have 24/7/365 ability to view your account information. You will also be able to enroll in electronic billing, change or update autopay options, view your recent usage and payment history, and much more. On our home page, choose the Customer Support tab, then from the drop down menu select ‘Pay Bill Online’ to be redirected to the new web login page. Just follow the instructions to register your account.

Can I pay my bill over the phone?

Pluris does not offer a payment-by-phone option for paying your utility bill. You may mail in check payments with your coupon stub, enroll in autopay, make a payment directly on our website free of charge, schedule payment through your online bill pay, or visit participating AMSCOT or Walmart walk-in centers.

Does the web portal save my credit card information?

The web portal does not save customer credit card information for individual payments. The credit card information submitted when signing up for recurring payments (autopay) by credit card is retained and managed by our merchant services provider Authorize.Net.

How do I transfer my water/sewer services to a new account?

To transfer an account the active account must have a zero balance. A new application will need to be completed and submitted along with any required documents. The checklist and application form is available on our website under the “Resources” tab.

Do I have to complete another application to put the service back in my name?

Applications are required for all customers when beginning service. The only exception is for owners who have a current application for the related service address and valid identification on file. Should any of the owner’s information change, then a new application will be required. The checklist and application form is available on our website under the “Resources” tab.

What if I am away from the property for a temporary period of time?

Customers may elect to have your water service turned off at the meter while you are away to prevent unauthorized water usage or damage to your home, should a leak occur. A request for a temporary meter turn-off must be submitted in writing. There is a charge to turn the meter back on when you return. You will still receive a monthly base charge bill during this time. Please provide three (3) business days notification.

Why is my usage unusually high?

Many factors can affect usage in and around the home. Some examples are toilets, dripping faucets, leaks that are not visible, irrigation systems, water softening devices. You can check in and outside the home for any possible issues and you may want to contact a plumber to check for issues. You can also contact Customer Care at (888) 758-7471 to speak with a representative about your concerns.

Are there any fees for paying online?

There are no fees when paying your bill on our website.

What do I need to do to begin service?

To begin service, an application will need to be completed and submitted along with a valid government issued identification and other required documents. A checklist and application form is available on our website at www.plurisusa.com under Resources.

What do I need to do to end service?

To terminate service, please notify Customer Care in writing either by mail to 1095 NC Hwy 210, Sneads Ferry, NC 28460 or email at customercare@plurisusa.com. The request must include a forwarding address to which your final bill is to be mailed. Please allow three (3) business days for your request to be processed once it is received. The account holder is responsible for the account until such notice has been received by the utility.

How can I tell if my account is on autopay?

If your account is enrolled in autopay, the bottom coupon of your bill will notate ‘DRAFT’. There will also not be a return envelope with your bill. You may verify/update autopay account information by logging into the customer web portal.

When is my utility bill due and what does the “late after date” mean?

Customer utility bills are due upon receipt. The “late after date” is a fixed monthly date shown on the bill indicating the date the current charges become delinquent. Any payment received after this date is subject to late penalties. Pluris is not responsible for misdirected mail or delays due to postal problems. Failure to receive a bill in the mail does not excuse a customer’s responsibility for timely payment.

Why am I charged separately for water and sewer?

Your bill will reflect separate charges for both water and sewer, but customers are billed the same usage for each service. All water that comes into the home is metered and sewer is billed the same usage according to this read. Your bill will break down the cost of base rates and usage rates for each service.

Why do seasonal residents pay a base charge year-round?

The utility’s water and/or wastewater treatment plants are built to a specific size to accommodate the number of people the utility services during peak season. The base charge pays for the fixed cost of operating these plants and other utility services. Billing customers only the months they are at the property would increase charges for year-round residents. Certain costs, like, personnel, maintenance and fire protection, remain the same whether or not water/sewer is actually used at your home.

How do I request an adjustment?

Pluris requires all adjustments to be submitted in writing with appropriate documentation. You may email your request to customercare@plurisusa.com. Please include your account number and service address, a written statement as to why an adjustment is being requested, and documentation justifying your request (receipts, repair invoices, etc.). Please note that requests for adjustments are reviewed and may or may not be approved.

What is the minimum I can pay to avoid disconnection of service?

All past due balances must be paid in full prior to the date of disconnection. For quickest payment, please submit a debit/credit card payment on our website. Please note that payments made through participating walk in payment centers AMSCOT and Walmart, take 1-3 business days to process and reflect on your account. Personal checks, including electronic checks are not acceptable methods of payment on the day of disconnection and once the service has been disconnected.

If my account is disconnected for non-payment or insufficient funds and I make an online payment, is my service automatically reconnected?

No, contact Customer Care at (888) 758-7471 for confirmation of payment and to have services restored.

Is fluoride added to my water?

Pluris does not add fluoride to the utility’s water system.

How do I read my meter?

To read your meter follow the steps below:

  • Locate meter box.
  • Open the lid of the meter box to reveal the water meter.
  • There will normally be a plastic meter cap protecting the glass meter lense on top of the meter.
  • Lift the meter cap to expose the glass face of the water meter.
  • Below the glass face is a row of numbers, much like the odometer of a car. Record all digits from left to right.
  • Subtract your current read from your last billing read to determine usage.

If at any time you would like assistance with converting the meter read to gallons just call Customer Care at (888) 758-7471.

Where is my meter located?

Customer meters are located in the utility easement along with the main water line, and normally found in front of the home; however in some instances the main water line and meters are located in the backyards in selected areas. The actual meter will be located in the meter box and the meter box lid is usually black plastic or concrete. If you still have concerns, please contact our customer service and a technician will come out and flag the meter location as a one-time courtesy.

Is my meter read every month?

Yes, meters are read monthly for billing during a scheduled date range of approximate one week.

Who is responsible to keep the area around the water meter clear and accessible?

The customer is required to keep the water meter area clear and easily accessible for reading and maintenance purposes. Please trim the bushes to allow access to the meter. Also follow any water use restrictions for irrigation to reduce the potential from irrigation water filling the meter box.

How long do Water Meters last?

The water meters used by Pluris are designed and manufactured to accurately measure water usage. Most residential water meters are guaranteed to be accurate by the manufacturer for 10 years or one million gallons, whichever occurs first.

What can I do if I think my Water Meter is faulty?

Water meters may not operate properly, particularly as they get older. If you suspect your meter is inaccurately reading the water use, calibration of your meter may be requested in writing. If requested, the meter will be removed and replaced with a different meter, and calibration testing will be performed on the old meter. The meter is bench-tested with three different flow volume rates of water, and the accuracy is recorded. If the meter's accuracy is within 98.5 percent to 101.5 percent, the meter's accuracy is considered good by regulatory agencies. If the meter is within the acceptable range of 98.5 to 101.5 percent, then the customer is billed for the meter testing service with no adjustments to the consumption charges.

What are Pluris’ responsibilities for water pipeline repairs?

Pluris is responsible from the street water main up to and including the meter. Pluris is not responsible for waterlines on the customer's property beginning with pipes on the residence side of the meter and leading to the house.

What is a backflow device and do I need to test mine every year?

A backflow device prevents potentially contaminated water entering a customer’s own water line and testing is required by state and county ordinances. Pluris water customers must hire a licensed plumber for the annual testing, any necessary repairs,and/or replacement of their backflow device. For more information about backflow devices and/or the testing program, please contact Customer Care at (888) 758-7471 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

What is the phone number to call for safe digging?

If you are planning to dig below the ground surface Pluris highly recommends customers call 811 to start the process of getting underground utility lines marked. This is the national Call-Before-Your-Dig hotline and is a free service. Calling 811 in Florida routes you to Sunshine State One Call. Your utility company then sends a professional locator to your location to mark underground lines. Once the lines are marked, you will know the approximate location of your utility lines and can dig.

Why did I get a door tag?

Door tags are hung to notice customers for many reasons. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • To alert customer that a payment has not been received and the account is reflecting a delinquent balance.
  • To request that customer contact our customer service in regards to their account.
  • To confirm a technician has visited the property; such as to check the meter for leaks etc.
  • To inform the customer of a Precautionary Boil Water Notice.

You may receive a paper notice on your front door or receive a telephone call from Pluris that a precautionary boil water notice has been issued for your neighborhood. Exactly what does that mean?

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection requires a precautionary notice after pressure in the system water distribution pipelines drops below a certain level. This is usually caused by a water main break, system maintenance, or problems at the water treatment plant such as a loss of disinfection. By comparison, a mandatory notice is rare and far more serious, and its provisions should be strictly followed.

A precautionary notice doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong with the water. It is simply that it’s possible that contaminants may have entered the system. Thus, customers are advised to boil tap water for cooking and drinking as a precautionary measure.

How will I be notified of a precautionary boil water advisory?

Pluris will notify customers if a precautionary boil water advisory has been issued in their area. Notice may be by one or more of the following ways depending on the number of customers affected:

  • Informational door hanger
  • Signs at main entrances to development
  • Robo-call feature using phones numbers obtained at time of establishing an account
  • Notifications posted under “News” located on the Pluris website under the “Resources” tab

If you are aware that the water has been turned off in your neighborhood (not just your house) then assume an advisory has been issued.

During a Precautionary Boil Water Notice Period
  • Boil water for one minute and cool before use.
  • Allow the water to run until it is clear before washing clothes.
  • Avoid contact with cuts or other wounds when bathing otherwise it is ok to use non-boiled water for bathing.
  • Discard any ice from automatic ice-makers.
  • Pour water back and forth between two containers a few times to avoid a flat taste from boiling.
Precautionary Boil Water Notice Period

Precautionary boil water notices are usually issued for 48 hours, until the required laboratory analytical tests show the system is definitively clear of any potential contaminants. If you received a notice on your door or receive a telephone call that an advisory has been issued, you also will receive a hand-delivered notice or receive a telephone call when the alert has been lifted. If you heard the news through the media, the lift notice will be issued the same way.

Water System Flushing

The Distribution and Maintenance crews perform water system flushing on a constant basis. Flushing consists of opening fire hydrants and blow off valves to remove sediment from the water lines. Flushing only a portion of a water system can affect the entire system. Here are some frequently asked questions about the water system flushing procedure.

Why does Pluris flush the water system?

As with all water utilities with water distribution pipelines, the water system is flushed to remove sediment from the pipelines and to keep the entire water distribution system refreshed.

How often do you flush the water system?

The entire distribution system is flushed on a constant basis.

Is there any particular time you flush the system?

Flushing is typically scheduled for 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. There are instances when flushing is performed outside of normal business hours.

Should I refrain from using the water when crews are flushing in the area?

Yes, Pluris recommends this as you may experience discolored water during flushing. If the system is stirred up when you use water in your home, you could draw the discoloration into your internal plumbing causing discoloration of water as seen at faucets and shower heads. Pluris recommends limiting activities, such as doing laundry, during days when field operators are in your neighborhood.

Can I drink the water during the system flush?

Yes. The discoloration of the water is caused by iron particles and it not a health concern. Understandably, you may not want to drink discolored water even though it’s not a health risk. It’s also okay to use water for showering and bathing. Just keep in mind that any water used while the system is being flushed may bring the discoloration into your home plumbing.

I did my laundry during the system flush and now it is stained, what do I do?

If the clothes in your washer are stained, do not dry them. Rewash the load when the water is clear. Some customers have used iron removal products in their wash to remove staining. Iron stain removal products can be found in the detergent aisle at most grocery stores or a free bottle can be picked up at the local business office.

Should I take any special precautions with my water softener?

Yes. It is suggested you bypass your softener during the period your system is being flushed. When flushing is complete, open an outside faucet closest to the point of entry to your home to help clear any discolored water you may have. Then, put the water softener back on-line and manually start the regeneration cycle.

Do I need to check/run my outside faucet each day of the flush?

Following flushing it is suggested that you check the outside faucet the following morning. If the water is discolored run the faucet until the water clears.

The flush is complete; my cold water is clear but my hot water is discolored, what can I do?

Drain and refill the hot water tank. Please USE CAUTION to prevent being burned by hot water.

What can I do if I think I have a water leak?

Most meters have a low-flow indicator (small in size; red, white, or black in color; triangular in shape). If no water is being used at the time of inspection and the triangular low-flow indicator is moving or spinning, this is a good indication that there may be a leak somewhere in the plumbing system or around your dwelling. Not all leaks are big and clearly noticeable. If the meter does not have a low-flow indicator or the low-flow indicator is not moving, continue with the following steps to evaluate further:

  1. Copy down the numbers (from left to right) on the meter's gallon register. Do not use any water for a period of four hours. Take another reading from your meter's gallon register after the four-hour testing period and compare it to the first reading. If the reading is higher, there may be a water leak.
  2. To help pinpoint the location of the leak as inside or outside the dwelling, close the house valve (generally located on an outside wall where the waterline enters the dwelling or near the water heater).
  3. Repeat Step 1. above. If the meter continues to move, the leak may be outside the dwelling in the service line that leads from the meter to the dwelling or in any water-using device that may be hooked into the system outside the dwelling. If the meter does not move after your second test, the leak may be inside the dwelling.

Toilets represent the single largest device using water in a home. The average home toilets represent approximately 26% of the water use inside an average home. Water flows from the tank behind the toilet to the toilet bowl by gravity and there are a number of connections and seals that over time can begin to leak. Leaking toilets are more common than people think and leaking can be greater at night when it goes unnoticed since residents use toilets less at night or are asleep. Some customers have said they can hear the toilet at night but not during the day and there is a practical reason for this condition.

Since residences use much less water between late evening through early morning most water utilities see pressure increases in the system due to customers not running water in the home. As a result water pressure in the home can rise between 10 to 20 pounds per square inch (psi) or more. This condition has been shown to affect the level of water inside the toilet tank by ½ inch and if the water is near the tank over flow tube in the tank under normal daily pressure, it can flow at night into the drain pipe. This is the sound one hears when water is flowing into the bowl from the tank. It is because of this that most manufacturers say to set the water level in the tank to an inch below the overflow tube.

To check your toilet for leaks, follow the 4 steps below.

  1. Remove the toilet tank lid.
  2. Drop one dye tablet or 10 drops of food coloring into the tank. (Dye tablets are available for free from Pluris. Just call customer care at (888) 758-7471 and the representative will contact the local office arrange for you to pick up dye tablets).
  3. Put the lid back on. Do not flush.
  4. Wait at least 10-15 minutes, and then look in the toilet bowl. If you see colored water, you have a leak and need to replace the flapper and seals. You can get these kits at Home Depot, Lowes and other hardware stores. They are easy to install yourself but you can hire a handyman or plumber to do it for you.

After installing the new flapper, run the dye test again to assure you have no leak. If the leak persists (and every now and then it will), you are probably going to have to replace the entire flush valve.

Leaking toilets are the cause of more water waste than any other fixture in the home. Even a silent toilet leak (that’s one you normally can’t hear because they occur as described above) will waste from 30 to 500 gallons of water per day! The ones you can hear will waste much, much more.

What does the flashing red light indicate on the box in my yard?

The water level in the holding tank is full and the pump is not working properly – please call (888) 758-7471 and a Pluris technician will be directed to the station.

Why did I get a bill for a technician removing debris from a Grinder Station at my house?

Pluris was called out for an alarm at your location and it was determined that the pump was jammed with material from your residence – please reference the “Do Not Flush” letter.

Who is responsible for the Grinder Station that services my location?

The homeowner (account holder) will be responsible for the repair or replacement of any equipment unless it is from normal usage.

I have a development or a lot I want to build on. How do I get a wastewater permit?

Please call Customer Care at (888) 758-7471 and have your location as well as your site plan ready so we can determine the cost and availability for your area.

Why can’t I get a building permit from the County/City?

All applications and monies must be submitted to our office before Pluris can notify the County/City to release a building permit.

What is an Elder Valve and why do I need one?

An “Elder Valve” is just an in-line device that is installed for nonpayment of the utility bill. An Elder Valve allows wastewater service to be disconnected without having to excavate a customer’s yard to accomplish the task.

How do I get a Certificate of Completion (“COC”) for my residence?

Please call Customer Care at (888) 758-7471 and let us know you’re ready for an inspection. Pluris will send out a technician to camera the line and make sure the connection is completed. Please allow a week for completion.